College and Career Week

Teachers in front of college and career bulletin board.

We celebrated College and Career Week to promote using education as a path to future careers for our students. During the week we had speakers who talked about different aspects of college and career. Mrs. Barker discussed the role college or post secondary training plays in how much money one can earn. Students learned that people who graduate college make an average of 20,000 more dollars every year which can be almost 1 million dollars over a lifetime. Mrs. Horton spoke about the importance of working hard through high school to prepare for college and get scholarships. Officer Natalie talked about her career path, she has a Master's Degree! Mrs. Davis discussed her path to becoming a principal, she started off wanting to be a nurse. Mr. Harris told us all about his path to teaching. He started off working as a butcher and went back to school after entering the career force. We hope our students are looking forward to their futures and learned something about all the possible paths to a career. 
Officer Natalie speaking to students about her career path
Mr. Harris talking about his career path.